What matters the most…

In a previous podcast, I discussed a strategy for situations that are out of your control. When you can’t change something you can always change the way you think about it. Since my last blog post I have really focused on putting this into practice myself. I’ve stopped to reflect on what I’ve had the opportunity to notice, discover, and learn over the last month or so… what matters most to me and what really doesn’t matter! What supports me to be at my best and what holds me back or weighs me down. I’m wondering if you’ve been doing the same?

“I completely acknowledge the negative impact of COVID-19 on so many aspects of our lives, but I can’t help but also acknowledge some positives or silver linings to our enforced reset. Amidst the rush to return to normal, we should all take some time to think about what’s worth rushing back to.”

What have you had the opportunity to slow down and discover about yourself and your family?

What will you do differently as the current situation eases, to live more in accordance with your values?

What will you KEEP, STOP, and START doing??

Dr Jasmin Slack-Smith
College Guidance Counsellor

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